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I would sell the one that generates the most money.
You know, this is a really good point. When raising money I've always considered selling possessions to be higher on my 'desperation scale' than either earning more or withdrawing savings. I believe, with the construction trend firmly placed in plastic, any metal lens from the era of film photography can only appreciate in value (over some time scale). Plus 'They don't eat any bread and butter' Nona always said.

I've regretted selling every lens I've ever sold, but narsuitius is right. If you need the money and this is the only way left to you sell the one that makes the most cash and move on. You can buy another when times are better. If the price has gone up consider it interest on the prior loan. Other wise, if you have any wiggle room at all, I'd keep that summicron, for sure.

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