Recently I got nice Nikon FM2 (older vesion) from a big auction site.
Camera is in a very good condtion. I ran test roll of film last weekend and it came out pretty good.

Yesterday decided to put another film.. After few frames I found that shutter jammed.
I opened back and found that on of the curtaing blades (titanium honeycomb) does not return back to a correct position.

Now I have my delema - should I sell camera as is for parts / repair, or "invest" in repair / CLA?

P.S. I'm thinking to try to fix it by myself (have some experience fixing jammed apperure blades in few lenses, and leaf shutters in old TLRs, etc and other "related" things), but this one propbably will be the most complex mechanical thing I touched so I afraid I may fail here..

...By some reason I have no luck with old nikons for a last few years. Had FE with focusing problem, another FE with bulb issue, and now that FM2 with jummed shutter. Even my favorite F3HP has issue with meter. Maybe Nikons aren't that reliable as people talking about them? I have about 25 Canon FD bodies and never ever had any problems with them like with Nikons.


Any suggestions here? Any idea who in USA can fix it and how much it may cost me? Or maybe I just should sell this camera?

Thank You!
Your opinion is very valuable for me.