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I know this may sound like a long shot - and perhaps an impossibility, but has anyone ever thought of getting the best images into a book and getting it published. We could look for contributions off APUG members and cut costs in areas like design by getting people to put forward their skills- I for one am a graphic designer.

Just a thought, I don't know what others think?
In theory it's a good idea but I'm afraid fraught with potential problems. The images to be included have to be selected who would do that?
Certainly, the idea of people contributing their particular skill is a cost saver but finding a company to print it at the sort of quality required is likely to be expensive. Even if we could manage that, distribution is difficult to arrange. I'm not against the idea Tim but I've been involved in similar ventures in the past and they have always ended in acrimony. I've said in previous posts that we have a happy and growing group of interesting people and photographers and long may it last. I think this sort of venture, interesting as it may be, could introduce ill feeling and arguments that we could well do without.