It is a joke in a way, I read where Toyo soaked a guy $40 bucks for one of them.

Maybe, I did not make it clear that those are parts of one thing. I can get a micro adjuster screw set for about $8, but the ones I found have a choice of a ball end or a flat end on the screw. I just do not know what they would call one that is intended to lock something in place like that one. I do not care what kind of knob is on the thing as long as I can get four matching ones (one has a broken wing knob that I "fixed" with epoxy but it looks like heck.

In the end I can make new pads if I have to, but I was hoping the thing was an off the shelf item. Heck, I can get micrometer aduster screws (yes with a thimbel just like a micrometer) for less than $40 each. I guess I could turn new screws too, they are M6x0.5. In the end the most economical solution may be to buy another camera and salvage parts from it, but then I am into the price range where I should have just bought something with a guarantee.

Here is the type of thing I found. These are used for positioning rather than locking in place, but the dimensions are identical. The one on the bottom is the one I am talking about here. If you go to their drawings you wiil see one that has the same threads and lengths as the rise lock on the Toyo.

But, like I say, I have not found the same thing with the locking pad on the end.