Yes, it was a fairly hard major, but I really enjoyed it. It is very lab intensive. Every class has a lab that runs for 3-4 hours 2 times a week, while the lecture portion meets for 1 hour once a week. Depending on the class, and how many you are taking, you can spend 20-30 hours in the lab to get all your work done. I accepted a job before graduating in December of 2008, right when the economy was tanking. Some of my Mechanical Engineer roomates didn't find jobs for 1-2 years after they graduated.

Foreign Language wasn't required in GC, although I did take 2 semesters of Italian for fun. I don't think I ever had the chance to have any interaction with Sandy while I was there.

I haven't worked in the commercial gravure field, but I think at this point most big places do direct engraving with lasers onto a steel cylinder plated with a softer metal.