As I was working in the yard yesterday and fixing up my deck......

I took a break, did a hit of LSD, and pondered the nail I was holding in my hand.

To the guy that made it, it represents an intensely boring job. He sees billions of then and they all look the same.

To the guy that ships then they represent a heavy, sharp and unwieldy nuisance that doesn't fit together. They are trouble.

To the guy that transports them they represent a heavy box without merit. Just dumb weight.

To the guy at the retailer they represent merely a commodity. How much can I get, for how many.

To the guy that buys them they represent promise and the future.

He's going to build something. Create something. And this little nail is the glue that will hold it all together.

To the guy who comes by and sees the final result he doesn't see a nail at all and only looks at the project as a whole.

If he looks real close he can see a little round dot but dismisses it as a necessary nuisance in an other wise beautiful project.

Everyone had a different experience of that perfect nail because to them it all represents something different.

To a guy stoned on LSD a nail is elegant perfection. It's a work of art, aesthetically and practically, it is perfect.

Yet like all art, the viewer will always add their own baggage to it to try to make it about them.