mornin' all,

now before I get to my idea this will have to be taken with quite a large portion of salt and a little imagination - so, some background reading to begin...

ignoring the fact that this is linked from foxnews - it can also be seen on the daily mail and torygraph in the Uk too (odd that it seems to be mostly right leaning publications, anyway) - is this possible? has this man coloured himself blue by, well, turning himself into a human collodion plate?

so to my idea and assuming it's true from here on out.

would it be possible to refine this and make photo tattoos?
if the silver can settle in the skin and then react to light to change colour, would it be possible to coat someone in collodion, expose them, develop and fix them, or is the fact that he's been doing it for decades responsible for the colour change rather than a one off coating...

I understand that it wouldn't be very good for the skin with the chemicals involved, but I'm more interested in if it's possible rather than safe, healthy, advisable blah blah blah.

so what say you?