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MIT still has an operational nuclear reactor, parked in the middle of Downtown Cambridge. I think it uses the same type of fuel that the Kodak reactor does/did. 90% of the people in town walk right by that reactor every day but don't even know what it is. The folks at MIT are somewhat quiet about the fact that there is a reactor sitting in the middle of their campus but if you ask them about it, you'll probably get a nonchalant, "Yeah, it's over there," as the person points it out.
Technically, it's in Kendall Sq., so not really "Downtown," to the extent that Cambridge actually has a "downtown". Every now and then, they'll offer a public tour of the reactor, but I have yet to be able to score a ticket--they're very limited, and are all taken within hours of availability. And during lat year's open house, due to my own bad planning, I missed out on a tour of the fusion research lab.

Given that my entire neighborhood is surrounded by biotech research labs, MIT's reactor is not high on my list of worries.

I'd be really surprised if the fuel was really "weapons grade." Technically, I suppose, any "highly-enriched uranium" could be fashioned into a bomb, but I'd guess what they had was way below what is usually used in bombs.