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In theory it's a good idea but I'm afraid fraught with potential problems. The images to be included have to be selected who would do that?
Why, you Les of course! (Kidding)

Publishing a book is not an easy thing and the reuturns are not worth the hassle. Like Les said, who would edit? if doing a simple critique can cause a big flame war, imagine if the editor decided to pass on images, he would probably get crucified. Printing and distribuitng the book can run into the many tens of thousands of dollars. Although Sean has done a great job getting sponsors (with the help of some people, you know who you are, thanks!!) I am sure APUG is no where near having that kind of money.

While it would be nice to do a "pictures from afar" book with contributions from our members, I think this idea is one that will be in the "wish we could do this but...." tray.