Hello, I am new here and just starting collodion. I have just about everything I need to start. I have a brownie I was going to start with but before i got going i found a nice half plate. its in the mail and should be here this week. am going to shoot mostly glass and I have a piece of black aluminum. i have a few questions.

1. best way to get glass plates. i tried cutting my own and I can do it but they are pretty rough and I waste a bit of glass. I am thinking about either ordering a bunch of cut glass, getting a strip cutter, does anyone have a good way to do this.

2 I have a large sheet of black aluminum.. metal cutters will bend the ends how do i cut the metal without bending it.

Lastly anyone in the bay area shoot wet plates it would be cool if I could find someone who would let me watch and get some tips from.