Thank you for all the positive comments. Dolly and I are so happy you enjoyed the event. We certainly did enjoy it and you. We would like to have another event end of July or early August. What can we do to make the next event better? Is there anything we are doing that needs improvement or elimination? Does anyone have some thing or process they would be willing to demonstrate? Does someone want a demonstration of something? Perhaps someone else could help put it on.

Please bring prints of our trip to the Fry’s farm. When you are printing, please make an extra copy for Jim Fry. I know it is a little extra trouble, but he has really made an interesting place and this is a small fee to pay if you are already making a print. I just gave him 43 prints of mine from the last six months. He is hoping to have an exhibition at some point and is very grateful for prints. He sees them more as documentation than fine art, but if it makes him happy we have free access.

Thanks for coming.

John & Dolly