I have a Pentax SMC-M 50 1.7 that is in very good condition outwardly, but is choked by fungus. The fungus has spread rather quickly and I want it gone before it spreads to my good lenses. All attempts by me to disassemble it have failed, as has leaving it sitting in a window. At first it made good images, but now the negatives look like wedding shots from the 80's; smeared vaseline over the UV filter.

I also have a preset Takumar 135 3.5 (this one: http://www.pentaxforums.com/lensrevi...35mm-F3.5.html with the silver and black barrel). It is suffering the same fate.

Both lenses are AS-IS, I am not responsible if they give you a fungal infection or if you notice a missing screw when you take it apart, as you will if you disassemble the 50 1.7.

They are free to anyone who would like them, I would just ask $5 or so to cover shipping to where it needs to go. I'd rather only ship to CONUS but if you insist I will ship overseas, but I will have to charge shipping if I do so. I'll do both together unless you really just want one or the other. Please PM me for details.