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Hi Dan,

Let's hope we can help you out with this. Were you PT or PD printing? I've seen a lot of testing with this stuff both in liquid and dry (I find dry much easier, but to each their own) and haven't seen that reaction before. It makes me wonder what's different in the procedure over the other's that have had quite solid success.
I use the NA2 method so it's PT/PD. I think that the spotting problems are due to the foam roller and possibly the density of the paper. Both papers I used are heavy weight and don't necessarily soak up a solution as fast as thinner paper. I'm thinking that maybe the silica solution is sitting up on the surface of the paper. Note that bubbles are forming when I try to coat and it's not that easy to get rid of them during the coating process.

If this is the case, perhaps the wet coating method just isnt' all the great for the thicker paper. Also, I didn't really see any difference in D-max at all on either paper.