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“Perhaps someone else could help put it on.”

I received a question that told me I should clarify the above. I am not bowing out of running these gatherings. I love it. I am hoping that if someone wants a demo, that someone else will know how to do it and volunteer. I do B&W film, Pyro developer, silver or Vandyke printing. I do not feel capable of demoing Vandyke yet. To demo anything else we need a volunteer such as Peter’s platinum and Mat’s carbon demo.


Depending on the time of year, I wonder if we could energize a younger new crop of photographers with demonstration on how to use our cameras. I do not know if a Boy or Girl Scout Troup, year round school, artist group or such might benefit from mentors in clasic camera use, but might be worth a thought or two. Photography is bigger than an iPhone, but that is all some may ever know with out a mentor who is willing to share their knoweledge.

Thank you and Dolly again for giving us all a common bond and blessing us with your hospitality.