Let me say first, I'm addicted to the older Yashica TLRs. They are cheap, mostly reliable, and tend to have some really stellar glass.

So, I'm in a bit of a dilemma here...

I have a Yashica-Mat that is in near perfect condition with the exception of the taking lens. There is mold between the front two elements (obviously something not at all easy to repair) AND the lens coatings on the front and rear of the front element are stripped off. The result is a very hazy lens. (the rear element is fine!).

I also have a Yashica Mat-124G in beat-to-hell condition...BUT, the taking and viewing lens are in perfect condition (weird, huh?). This camera is essentially only good for parts.

So, my question here is : what would be involved in swapping out the Lumaxar (Yashica-Mat) and Yashinon (Mat-124G) lenses?

I tried simply swapping out the front glass (easily screws in and out, exposing the shutter blades), but then checked the focus with ground glass - the lens will not reach infinity focus and does not match the focus of the viewing lens.

Would swapping out the front AND rear elements solve this issue?

Anyone with some experience here would help me out tremendously. Thanks guys!

Oh, and this is my first post on APUG - I'm a long time lurker (several years now) and finally signed up!