Thanks for the in-depth review Andrew. Much appreciated. It is difficult to "reproduce" photographic images with fidelity and "honesty" in a book. Indeed, the process by which a photographic image is transferred to a printing plate is involved, costly when well done, and not easily mastered. It would be interesting if you might have the opportunity to compare the images in the wonderful book that you reference to those in one of the books offered by Lodima Press. The reproductions of Brett Weston's work are said to be as good as the actual photographs. Most of the other photographic books that I have seen suffer by comparison. I am pleased to know that the Adams book appears to be superior. Note that I have no business affiliation with Lodima press. It would be instructive if the owner of Lodima press-Michael Smith and Paul Chamlee-would have the opportunity to comment about the process of printing photographic images.