Further to the excellent assistance on my first thread about which cheap Rangefinder to buy, and a wonderful birthday present from Greg (really appreciated), I now need some advice on which film to buy. Since posting I've gone a bit mad on ebay and purchased a few cameras with the idea of trying them all out and then selling them at the end of my visit to the UK. This will be for street stuff, mainly without flash, in the summer months. The cameras I need film for are:

1. Greg's very kind donation, an Olympus RC, which I will be keeping as my main rangefinder. Thank you, Greg!
2. Canonet GIII QL17
3. Konica Auto S2
4. Petri 7s II
5. Konica C35
6. Olympus Stylus Epic (Mji II) - not a rangefinder but P&S.

Are any of these good for B&W? Any recommendations?