Elliot:- thanks for your kind comments. I'm aware of the difficulty of reproducing photographs accurately but you should not place too much weight on my judgment as this is only the third portfolio book in my collection (as opposed to what I consider to be teaching books) and I have not, unfortunately , had the opportunity to view any original AA prints here in South Africa. I shall certainly look out for the Lodima editions when I add Brett Weston to my collection (actually a Weston is planned as my next acquisition; but probably Edward not Brett; not so much for the quality of the prints as for the quality of his chosen subject).

ROL:- indeed this is the 1994 book, I should have mentioned that. I'm pleased that you also consider the reproductions to be of high quality, because that helps me to calibrate my expectations. Otherwise it would be quite possible for me to build a collection of mediocre reproductions thinking they were good simply because I had never seen anything better! My reference to "New Inspiration Point" is taken from Adam's description of "Clearing Winter Storm" in Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs. Inspiration is indeed the reason why I purchased this book, having returned to B&W analog photography from digital earlier this year; and I have no doubt that it will serve me well for many years.

Vaughn:- Thanks for your clarification of the various "Inspiration Points".