I had three or four Canon P cameras in recent years. It's a true classic rangefinder camera. Canon P operates much like the Leica M2 but loading a new film is easier and faster. On the other hand the rangefinder patch (yellowish round blob) is not as good as the one in Leica. The viewfinder is the first thing to check out when buying a Canon P. Most Canon P titanium shutters are wrinkled. It looks a bit odd but it doesn't mean they leak light or anything. Canon P takes any LTM (M39) lens; Leitz, Canon, Jupiter... you name it. Contrary to what some people say it does take the 35mm Jupiter-12. The viewfinder is 1:1 and it's very easy to use both eyes open. It's equipped with frames for 35mm, 50mm and 100mm lenses.

It's a great rangefinder camera. Canon LTM lenses are also very good and relatively easy to clean and repair by yourself.