If you, Andrew, or anyone else, is interested in great photographs reproduced to the highest possible quality, I suggest you get a copy of the Lodima Press book, Edward Weston: Life Work. The reproductions are in 600-line screen quadtone. There is only one printer in the world who can print in 600-line screen. We use them.

Edward Weston's early photographs were printed on matte-surface paper and in our Lodima Press book we used matte-surface paper to reproduce those prints. In addition this book is the only book that accurately prints the exact color of these early prints. To do this we printed in 600-line screen quadtone plus a color, so it is really five-color printing.

When Weston switched to printing on glossy paper, we switched the paper the reproductions are on to glossy paper. Some of the photographs in this book have never been reproduced before and some are quote common. Here is a story about the reproduction of the well-known "Pepper #30."

We know the collector who owns Edward’s own copy of Pepper #30. He considered it the best print he made from that negative. Eventually, Edward gave the print to Brett. And Brett gave it to a friend whose father was Brett's best friend. This friend sold it to this collector in 1974. (Way too soon.)

When we showed the collector the book Edward Weston: Life Work, he brought down this print of Pepper #30, which we had seen previously, and placed it next to the reproduction of Pepper #30. We (me, Paula, the collector and the collector’s wife) looked very carefully at the print and at the reproduction, trying to find differences. There were a few, but they were virtually imperceptible without extremely close scrutiny, and even then, truly, there was hardly any difference between the print and the 600-line screen reproduction.

After about three minutes of this intense looking the collector’s wife said, “You know, I think I like the reproduction better.”

Also in the book Edward Weston: Life Work, among other essays, is an essay by Dody Weston Thompson, Edward Weston's last assistant. It is probably the finest writing ever about this great photographer.

The book sells for $195. As remaining quantities are becoming fewer and fewer the price will soon be going up. But for you, Andrew, and for other APUG members, we will sell this book for only $150 (plus shipping). And we have one or two copies with the slightest problems--scuffed dust jacket, spot on one page, that we will sell for only $100 (plus shipping).

Please send an email to info@lodimapress.com if interested.

Michael A. Smith