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What about unicolor drums for 8x10 film?
Works good for 4x5 film (if you've got a separator in between) but it can be a real pain if you've got a lot of 8x10's to develop. When developing with Pyrocat HD, I go through the normal routine, then keep the film in the drum for another 20 minutes for a wash..... so, a 2 minute pre-soak, ~9 minute development, 1 minute stop, 5-6 minute fix, 20 minute wash... that's close to 40 minutes per sheet (with loading, draining, etc.). Which can take forever if you've got lots to develop. Which is why I've been considering trays (or maybe going for one of the Jobos after saving up a bit). But normally I don't have a bunch, unless I go on some long trip.

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My darkroom is so "un-dark" that after about six minutes with the light off I can see the film I'm processing. I almost panicked when I first discovered this, but decided to go ahead anyway. The decision to change to development by inspection was easy...

I have not seen any evidence of fogging from this low light level, and my negatives are always good
Sounds kind of like my "darkroom" (bathroom, actually), I'll have to give it a try one of these days! I do print Azo there from time to time, but that's pretty slow in the first place and doesn't take as long to develop as sheet film. I usually hang some pants up to cover up the cracks in the door frame that leak some light in. Although I wouldn't answer the door if someone rang :wink: !