Yeah - this is the biggest Artomatic ever, and this also marks the 10th anniversary of the original Artomatic. This will be the 7th(?) one. I've exhibited at the last five (if you count this one), and attended the first two as a visitor/patron (didn't buy anything). They've been in some strange, cool, and just plain incongruous spaces (mostly office buildings - some old and ready for renovation, some brand spanking new and not even built out yet, and then there were the former Manhattan Laundromat (thus the Artomatic name), the old Hechinger's hardware store, and the Children's Museum building (which was built in the late 19th century as a Catholic hospital and orphanage IIRC)). The work on exhibit runs the range from "that belongs in a museum" (I think at the 2nd Artomatic, they actually had someone get picked to go to the Whitney Biennial) to "I wouldn't dignify that with using it as toilet paper" and everything in-between. It's all media - photography, painting, wood, ceramics, bronze, glass, steel, collage, assemblage, 'found' art, 'conceptual' art, music, poetry, theater, dance, film, digital/virtual. The artists range from tweens/teens and their parents to senior citizens in their 80s and 90s. Truly something for everyone.