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Well, this is very interesting for me as well. I find our iron filter and water softener do not really remove the iron very well. Our water is also high in sulfur and iron. It's not a problem for my printing as I currently print at a community darkroom, but it's hell in the bathtub! Do you guys find your softener removes enough iron to avoid the rust and black water occasionally and enough sulfur to remove the rotten egg smell? I find I have to drain the water heater pretty often. We had decided to get a 2500 gal. storage tank right at the well as we were told the iron/sulfur will precipitate out in that tank before the water goes to the house.

Geez, maybe we need a new softener?
While almost any water softener will remove a bit of iron, if your iron level is very high you probably need a special iron filter that that works in tandem with your water softener. If slightly high, you can choose a water softener resin (fine mesh resin) that is more effective with iron. I avoid the "all purpose" resin that softeners from many sources come with; few things in life are really "all purpose".

If your current softener is OK mechanically, you can replace the resin that's inside. Many factors effect useful life of the resin, but generally is 10-20 years. Same issue with iron filters.

If you are getting that sulfur smell, you may have iron bacteria in your system and you need to "shock chlorinate" your well.