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You can find the entire BJP vol 58 at http://ia700508.us.archive.org/14/it...58londuoft.pdf

It's over 100mb

Edit: I see holmburgers also tracked it down while I was looking and downloading it.

Interestingly page 16 mentions Verichrome a B&W film introduced a few yeras earlier by Wratten & Wainwright in the UK.

This early Kodachrome came from the same research as both Mees & Capstaff had mover to set up the new Rochester Research facility after George Eastman bought Wratten & Wainwright, (he had already tried to buy Ilford twice). Other members of the company remained in the UK to found Kodak's Harrow Research facility.

Sometimes the true International nature of Kodak at it's height is forgotten. There were products sold in the UK & Europe never made or marketed in the US, and Kodak Ltd (UK) had close links to many UK manufacturers of equipment and even acted as distributors in Australia, New Zealand etc (Ross lenses for example).