I am accustomed already to slitting and reloading 110 cartridges with whatever film I want for my Pentax auto 100 and Minolta 110 Zoom--so I am also familiar with the issue of "keeping count" (i.e. no backing paper) as well as unloading in darkness. The one advantage this Lomo film appears to have is that it is properly sprocketed for all 110 film cameras, thus even lower end Pocket Instamatics that require the sprocket hole to cock the shutter can be used easily. If you are using one of these cameras, once the Lomo film runs out the shutter will not cock. So, in spite of it lacking the backing paper or a counter, you will know immediately when the film runs out. I also think if you load and remove the cartridge in very subdued light there should be little chance of fogging. But, of course, it would be far better if they did include the backing paper.