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Two of the same lens should be matched well enough. I have three different stereo cameras, and two of them are hardly "precision matched": I have an ancient 127-format camera with two simple meniscus lenses, and I have the new Holga stereo with a pair of Holga lenses. Both are perfectly capable of forming decent stereo photos. If anything, I find that stereo improves the performance of a given lens, as your brain combines two separate low-resolution images into one image that appears to have more resolution.

The bigger problem with stereo images occurs when the exposure is not exactly the same between images; our brains don't like seeing the same image with two different brightnesses. I don't know what kind of shutter system you are planning; if it's a shared shutter, or some kind of focal plane shutter, you will be fine. If you are using the leaf shutters on two separate lenses, then I suggest giving them a CLA and getting them to fire at the same speeds.
I was just going to use the leaf shutters.
the stereo camera I use now is a piece of junk and one side is usually overexposed, but it's never been a problem before. I'll keep it in mind tho', thanks.