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my original idea was just to use paper negs or sheet film, so I could just contact print them straight away without needing to mount them latter, but now I'm thinking that some instant pack film will also give me images large enough to just use straight out of the camera.
The instant film is a cool idea, it could look really good. Remember though, you need to swap the left-right images on the print. So the instant print will need to be cut, swapped and remounted.

At the risk of angering the Hybrid gods, I will say that I just use StereoPhotoMaker software. It's free and is a boon for printing stereocards or creating stereo output of any kind.

Also, many folks expose slide film and view the images with a slide viewer. Holga now have a 120-format 3D slide viewer and they sell cheap stereo mounts for 120 film.