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I don't know in your surroundings, but here in Italy oligomineral water in sealed plastic bottles costs around 0,40€/L. For instance, 6 1.5 L. bottles (9 litres total) for €3,70, there certainly are some who are much cheaper.

Maybe they can be a good alternative to filtered-reconditioned well water for darkroom work. And possibly also for drinking.
Until a few years ago we bought five gallon bottled spring water. Great idea until my back started complaining. I am 72. My understanding is water is 8 pounds a gallon or 40+ pounds a bottle. Salt for the water softener is also in 40 pound bags, but we need it less often than the water bottles.

The canister filter mentioned above takes care of the darkroom. Brita makes a nice pitcher filter that takes care of the kitchen, drinking water, tea and coffee.

John Powers