I'll bite at this one:

No photographer has a 100% success rate where every picture is exactly what they want it to be or every picture is a masterpiece - Ansel Adams has between 30-40 shots which I personally think are spectacular and he had about 45,000 negative when he died. If I am really on my game, I hope to get one picture for every 200-300 shots I take, usually 1 per 400-500 shots. This does not mean that the rest are garbage but ones I am looking for are shots to hang on a wall or place in my portfolio.

It is not that there are no good digital photographers - rather, to be a great photographer takes thousands of pictures to refine your craft. I remember a fellow telling me he took 2000 shots one weekend - however, he simply held down the shutter button and walked around which is not really taking a picture but pushing a shutter. Taking a picture is generally much more complicated than that as you need to have artistic intent from the beginning to the end, not just random button pushing. Digital is a very young medium (~10 years) and the a lot (but not all) of the photographers who use digital and make really good pictures are older film photographers who switched mediums. Show me young photographers who are exclusively digital and have always been digital and usually they are not great photographers - just like young photographers in the 1960's were not great because they have not had the opportunity to develop their craft as they needed.

The medium one uses (whether digital or analogue) is a choice to express artistic vision and what the artist feels is best for that vision; I use film, not because I believe it is inherently superior, but because it best allows me to express my vision. Photojournalists can and do take some wonderful shots but often it is based on the volume of shots they take (an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters will eventually write Hamlet) - good photojournalists get better photos in fewer shots. Good digital photographers are out there but even my 9-year old, given a digital SLR over a year, will produce at least one great picture based on the sheer volume of shots; good photographers repeatedly take good pictures and do it in less shots than bad photographers.