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I prefer a Leitz lens which is a result of hand calculation optimization not computer. An Genius sits on a table and works 10 hours a day for 2 or more years and when working with mathematics , he develops new mathematical view angles , formulas.
An computer can generate a lens but it cant generate itselves rules. Why Leica expensive , because they developed all better chemistry, mathematics , physics by themselves , they did not buy a 40 dollar research article , carry in to software and than generate the lenses as much as good as article.

Dont forget , older 60 years old Leitz lenses have two times more resolution at the corner than latest Summicron. Bokeh is not important , texture , degrades and colors are important. You cant get same color with canada leicas. I really hate everything about latest Leica images.

Dont waste your hard earned money to tourist traps , buy a IIF with Summar , no other lens can beat it.

While some lens designers may well have been geniuses, the ones working for companies had many slav... er, assistants (mostly women) working all day doing the routine calculations for them. Not really different from a computer, just much slower.

60 years ago, Zeiss lenses were almost always better than Leica's (possible exception being the Elmar).
Given the same design, the made in Canada lenses were just as good as the made in Germany ones.
That a Summar is unbeatable is a statement which lies far, far (far!) in the realm of taste.