Well thank you all for the excellent advice, something I'm quickly learning to appreciate on this forum. In no particular order, my responses:

- I'm in India at the moment as that's where I live but I will be back in the UK for the summer, where my various rangefinders are waiting for me in unopened boxes! I'm not sure if film is any cheaper here, or what the range of film is like.
- I see some cheap deals on ebay/internet. I read somewhere of a photographer who purposely spreads his purchases around different vendors in order to keep them in business (and therefore indirectly supporting film as a format), which I like the idea of.
- @Peter - those images are gorgeous, especially that last one. I assume that was sans flash?
- Yes, more than likely I'll be scanning them
- Yes, I'll be getting them printed in Boots or wherever, not processing them myself.

On the back of those responses, a couple more questions:

1) Any recommended places online I can purchase film for UK delivery?
2) How do you contend with different film speeds for different occasions? I mean, if you've put a roll of Neopan 1600 in your camera then that means only night shots until the film has run out. It's been years since I shot film, I forget how quickly you can work your way through a film. Fortunately with a bunch of rangefinders to play with I can experiment. Any tips on this?