I guess I really do not understand this the way I thought. Will any of the impulsion turn black? I think in part I am trying to treat it like paper so I am looking for blacks when i develop. When i do paper i look for the true black or area i want to be black and watch of they to turn. what I am wonder as I look at his is maybe I am going to have to learn how to shoot for this format as well. for example what back drop color works best when doing a portrait.

on the corners of your test images is the impulsion black or clear and I am seeing the black backing. I have never actually held a collodion print long enough to examine it. I am going to setup in a bit hear and run a set of tests shots. your correct though I am not timing my development exactly. I maybe pushing the developer to long. I do not see the same results as i see in the films i have watched. Most of my image still looks white like after the silver bath after I have developed it then it clears in the fix. I am waiting to see the image in the dev like BW paper. When i run my tests today i will set the dev time and be consistent. Most likely this a combination of mistakes. to wide an aperture I am using the middle of the brownie setting I have no idea what that is. Maybe over exposure and over developing. I need to some time and run a test fun until i get this right. Thank you for your help