Ok today i had the worst time. my first image was soft but it had an image at 2 seconds in full sun ... I had to stop after that because i have kids and they cannot wait a second of they will die. when your a 16 year old girl everything in your life is life and death or worse. Anyway when i get back i start up again and i can't get an image. just clear and some white. so I alter the times and I keep getting plain clear glass on the edges i get that kind of tan over exposed part. I am not sure how i could go so bad so quick. my pouring developer sucks i think but I am not sure. part of my problem is I cannot see under the red light. i guess I will have to break down and make a head lamp one so i can see when I pour. tonight i will mix up more developer and try this again. I just can't get how I can go so bad. It was so clear i ended up scraping a couple of the plates just to see if there was any collodion there. The only think I can think is maybe my silver bath is bad can that be ?