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Can it be retrofitted to take 35mm (the duaflex that is)?
Totally. Really all you need to do is use some gaffer's tape to cover up the red window. It's a very tight squeeze, but the 35mm cartridge should fit in the bottom reservoir. I really have to force the door closed, but once it latches all my light seals seem pretty tight. I'll tape the film to the take up spool on top so I can wind the film through. I think it's about 2 1/2 revolutions with the wheel to clear the previous exposure. When I'm done I just go into a darkroom and pop the sucker open, rewind back into the cartridge.

Here's a few examples that came out, crappy old scans.

11.jpg3.jpgself 08 double exp.jpg

The color ones were scanned at 35mm frames, so it doesn't show off the "panoramic" effect you can get.

EDIT: Oh, and the black and white has the big white circle. That's when I tried my first roll in it and did not tape up the red window. I was just holding my thumb up to it to cover it as I shot through the roll.