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Where do you get the backing paper? Do you know of a source for new backing paper (or a substitute) or are you recycling paper from previous 110 carts or 120 rolls? I have been fooling with 126 cameras/cartridges and was trying to figure out what to do as I do not have any actual 126 backing paper.

-- Jason
I've just used the backing paper from 110 carts. I have a few very outdated 110 films and cannibalised them, dumped the film and re-loaded with cut-down 35mm FP4 backed with the original paper. It lasts a long time, but if I needed to make any I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to slice it down from 120 in a similar way to slicing the film. I use a pair of Stanley blades in a jig with a fat spacer and shims for fine adjustment. A hinged lid clamps everything in place and two guides keep the film straight as it's drawn through.

The main thing is to have fun!

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