My quest for a pro easel and bigger print sizes has hit a bit of a snag; my enlarger is an LPL C7700 with a baseboard that measures about 17" x 23.5". Beard recommend about 3" around their easels which makes the required space for the full-size model 23" x 19"... ...which wouldn't fit even if the orientation were correct. I imagine other manufacturers are more or less similar.

Which gives me three choices:

1) Get a 16" x 12" and live with a top print size of 12" x whatever.
2) Get a different enlarger (not really a starter as I'm otherwise happy with the unit I've got and haven't got the cash)
3) Take the enlarger off the baseboard and mount it directly onto the cheap but sturdy plain pine table on which the baseboard is currently sitting

Number three is currently the favourite, although having seen the discussion on alignment earlier I'm a bit worried about doing this. Is there anything else I need to consider?

Any / all advice appreciated!