When I shot with the reversed lens on the Konica FT-1 I had to do a lot of experimentation because the camera does not have TTL flash metering. The first SLR I used which did have TTL flash metering was the Minolta X-700. It was the bright viewfinder with the interchangeable screens combined with the TTL flash metering which got me interested in Minolta. Some control over exposure can be applied using the exposure compensation dial with TTL flash metering but if you are using more than one unit that can become tricky. I have Sunpak and Minolta flash units with variable power settings if I need to work without TTL flash. I also have a few Nikon flash units which will work in TTL mode with the FE2, N2020, N8008S and N90s/F90X cameras. Some years ago a friend gave me his extra 12CM f/5.6 Macro Nikkor from his Multiphot set-up. The rear is Leica 39mm and the front was some odd thread. I had a machine shop in Clifton, NJ make an adapter for 49mm filters. This was useful for the copy stand which had tungsten bulbs, when I needed to shoot daylight balanced film. My largest medium format is 6X7. The cameras are GS-1s and are not especially well suited to macro work. A bellows would help up to a point. I have probably mentioned in other posts that I sometimes use enlarging lenses intended for medium format on the Minolta Auto Bellows III. This gives more coverage for the front standard movements. There are many interesting combinations to have fun with.