I have the opportunity to trade my Pentax K-5 for a 4x5 camera, darkroom equipment (I assume trays, tanks, etc), and 2 enlargers: a Chromega D XL 4x5 enlarger, a Beseler 23C with Aristo Cold head, Rodenstock lenses for the enlargers and all the neg carriers that are available for the enlargers.

What do you think? My "Darkroom" consists now of a Plustek 7400 scanner, but it only allows me to do 35mm and I find it makes fast films much grainier than they would be in print.

I have experience using all of this equipment in school (I shot with a 4x5, processed the film, printed it).

The K-5 includes the 18-55 WR Kit lens, battery grip and spare battery. Probably worth about $800, maybe less.

I want to get back into the darkroom, and this seems like an excellent way to do it---and move into large format as well.