Hi guys and gals,

I decided to try a few different brands/speeds of film before standardizing on one and buying a bunch of it.

One of the films I tried was Delta 3200. The thought of having a film that can actually be rated at 800 or higher (for me, that would be two stops faster than Tri-X) makes me giddy!

I like the film, and I do believe it's a true ISO 1000 (maybe higher) film, but... it beads water like no film I've ever seen before!

Even with twice as much Photo-Flo as usual, water drops still appear on the film. I've never before had to sponge a hanging roll of film that had been treated with Photo-Flo. I use distilled water in the final rinse, and add Photo-Flo to it.

Is this normal with Delta 3200?