Sorry that I cannot answer for that film in particular.

But a tip: I do this with every film now:
- Hold the tank without the lid, with only the spool and the center piece inside, straight down in your hand after washing.
- Swing the tank back and fourth (forwards and backwards) in a pendulum motion 5 times.
- Take spool with film out.
- Empty tank.
- Repeat with 5 pendulum motions, then 10, then 15.
- Don't swing it too hard so you loose your grip on the tank, also make sure you have the room to do it, or you will bang into something.

This centrifuge step helps, at least me, to get rid of the main part of water otherwise usually clinging to the middle of the film frames.

Would be interesting to know if D3200 is special in this department, i have a roll in 120 to be used soon.