Humm, that's odd. I've shot several rolls of it, like it a lot, and had zero problems and noticed nothing different. I'm using Freestyle's house brand "Photo Flo" but really, wetting agent is wetting agent. I use an eye dropper and put about one drop per 1.5 ounces of distilled water for the final rinse. No problems.

My usual procedure - I remove the film from the reel as I NEVER immerse my Jobo reels in wetting agent. Doing so tends to gum up plastic reels over time and make them sticky and difficult to load. I gently immerse the curled film (it won't scratch itself if you are careful and gentle) in another tank with the wetting agent, and let it soak for about a minute. I remove it, dip two fingers of my other hand in the wetting agent and rub index and middle fingers together to make sure there is no grit, then very gently run the film between my two fingers. I know this will produce howls, but I have never, ever, scratched film this way. Hang to dry. Never had a problem.

I agree it's probably a "true" ISO 1000, but low contrast so it pushes well. I rate it at 3200 and develop per the instructions for 6400, something I started with TMZ - I find the published times err on the side of finer grain and thinnner negs. #$%^ that. If I wanted fine grain I'd shoot TMX, Acros, or Efke 25 off a tripod if necessary. "Grain is the brushstroke of photography" within reason and I find 6x6 and 6x4.5 Delta 3200 at 3200 well within reason for myself. Beautiful negs for the right subject matter.