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Do it. Curious to know what 4x5 camera you'll get.

Enlargers are indeed being given away in North Carolina. And sometimes they even get thrown out. I got my Omega D2V with the condenser head and an Aristo Cold Light head, along with a dozen different negative carriers, for nothing more than the cost of the gasoline to go get it.
I'll agree - do it.

The deal might indeed be favorable to the the other party depending on some of the details, but if this is the stuff you want, it's all in one place. 4x5 enlargers are cheap now, but almost impossible to find someone who will ship them and expensive to ship even if they will. (I've been keeping an eye out for a color head for mine locally or that someone will ship, that doesn't need extra bits or drilling or engineering to fit, and at the right price...they're all over the place, attached to enlargers that people won't separate or ship...)

Type and condition of 4x5 camera is a big item. Could be worth essentially nothing if it's really old and in craptacular shape, could be worth half the value of your K5 if it's, say, a decent condition Graphic or old Tech III or the like, or could be worth the entire price of the K5 kit by itself. We need more information, but if you want to get into film and darkroom, this gives you enough to start it all right away.