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Thanks. The last text says "melt the emulsion in a water bath", but not spesific about dilution. Guess I just start with a little water to see how liquid the emulsion changes when heated to 40 degrees.

My plan is to cut a 8x10" in four pieces and coat them. Then I have one or two papers for testtrip, one for normal exposure and one with dodge/burn. If that works well I can coat several 8x10" and start printing. Bought some really heavy weight, textured cotton paper, so it will be interesting.
as said: NO dilution.

and PE says you have to melt in 35-40degrees hot water. In my experience it is too low. I always melt at about 45-50degrees.(not higher!)(runnng water!). If you can the emulsion to melt at 35-40 degrees, you'll have trouble keeping it liquid..

(take a tray and fill som ehot water in it. In there you put a piece of cloth. A plastic container (used boxes for "Ferrero Rocher" works great!!) is put ober the cloth (the cloth makes it stable). Take the container with the melted emulsion in a can with hot water and place that in the tray too.. this way you have hot inviroment around the emulsion all the time while you coat..)