Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been awhile -- I moved house in late March and I'm still unpacking! Here are the postcards I've received since then:

George Nova Scotia's Kodak triple play. I especially like the daylily photo, despite the fog.

Two colour photos - Black Dog's "A moment gathered from coincidence" and Hoffy's Holden HQ Monaro race car. Like the attention to detail in both photos.

Likewise, Andrew's exposed valve is a nice detailed study, although I find it a little dark.

Postcards with a water theme: Laurent's nearly frozen Loire, Rudiger's River Rhine pinhole, and Derek's Lava Arch are all very tranquil.

ccross's canopy of leaves and crispinuk's ginger flower both have a lot of interesting high-contrast detail.

Kc2edh's "Strength of Irene" shows the real power of nature, while kraker's winter landscape shows its more enduring nature.

Oxleyroad's termite maze is really interesting, and the pieces of metal give some measure of it's size, otherwise I would think you took that photo of a massive canyon from above.

Trond's bird is beautiful and sad all at the same time.

Labcoat's U of Maryland's campus reminds me of my days as a uni student, unfortunately it arrived a little damaged on both sides of the postcard, but got here nonetheless!

Finally, I have one more card from Bodie, California of a window with mesh and a bowl on the windowsill -- there's no name, but I like it!

I've received 32 cards so far, only missing cards from Azzy, gordrob, jackie_like_the_chan, Jon King, KanFotog, markrewald, megzdad81, Ricus.stormfire, and tj01. Just a reminder that I've moved, and that any cards sent should be sent to my new address.

Similarly, if anyone is missing a card from me, let me know and I'll send off another.