Ole, I guess I wasn't clear. I was looking for some kind of shoe that would mount to the E clip on the right side of my Technika. Converting from hot shoe to PC socket and vice versa is not the problem. I looked at all the Hama flash adaptors I could find via Google, and there was nothing that mounted to an e-clip mount. Not that I could find, anyway.

David, I found the post from Bob Salomon that you referred to and went to the the Veach Company's website to look at the Jones flash brackets. They don't seem to have a single bracket that does what I want, although it may be possible to put something together that would work, using multiple accessories.

I'm surprised that Metz or Honeywell or someone like that didn't manufacture a one-piece adaptor that would attach to an e-clip mount and would have a flash shoe on top. Or maybe I just haven't found it yet. If someone knows about such a thing, please let me know!

I will definitely look into the Norman flash brackets. My local camera store has only one flash bracket (a Stroboframe), which appears to be too small for practical use with the Technika. It would be great to find a well-stocked camera store where I could try out different brackets and see how they fit on the Technika--but, in this region at least, camera stores are fast disappearing.