Only just had a chance to scan and upload my official submission today, boy can life get in the way more important things!

Well, most of it you can work out, I'm sure! A very impressive light-leak, some messy blobs, it's all there. This was my first proper try at paper negatives with any sort of expectation. First mistake, allowing for reciprocity compensation when, as I've since learned, paper has next to no failure characteristics. Developing by eye gave me an idea of when to pull it, still very low contrast. Printing was with the negative wet, I'd squeegee the two papers together before exposing, but come my last print for the night, I was a bit over it, I had other things to be getting on with and was willing to accept that I had just killed the negative before it had had even been exposed. I didn't expect anything of this last print, so I didn't even squeegee it, just pulled the neg out of the wash, slapped the two sheets together and went about exposing. I like the way the 'mess' works with this picture, even my wife gave it a nod of approval... it's a good day when one of your (many) mistakes turns out to be a winner!