A Kodak Twin 20. Actually I like it so much I bought a total of three this spring.
That way I can loan one away when someone asks.

As the name implies it takes 620 film and has twin optical finders. One standard eye level and one look down. This is a great feature for shooting small kids and other stuff low to the ground. One shutter speed about 1/40th and three f stops (about 11, 16 and 22) plus three zone focus down to 4-6 ft, 6-12 ft and 12-Inf. The plastic lens is soft and the slow shutter speed does not help. One of these cameras I got on ebay had an adapter to use flashcubes too! This camera it will not work with electronic flash as it has a delay built in for flashbulbs. I tried it with electronic flash and got very underexposed frames as the flash was over before the shutter opened.
Here is a link that shows the camera.