Just as a side note, from way back when....

Back at the origin of chemistry and photography, things were expressed in parts such as:

7 parts Metol
3 parts HQ
0.5 parts KBr
25 parts Sodium Carbonate
and 1000 parts water

Regardless of the measurement units used, Grams, Ounces, Millifarkles or whatever, the ratios always came out right using YOUR units. And, they made up molal solutions not molar. So, that is the origin of many of our formulas and procedures. Everything was assumed to be in ratios or parts, not the native measures.

So, if parts were grams you have:

7 grams Metol
3 grams HQ
0.5 grams KBr
25 grams Sodium Carbonate
1000 grams of water

This way you can read very old formulas and come up with something workable.