For my coloring with prisma color pencils, I put down the blending solution first and just use Marshall's P.M. Solution. The bottle says that the ingrediants are D-Limonene and vegatable oils. The solution will "leak" out beyond the area you want to color with the pencils, but that's OK. The solution has a "working time" and you need to wait just a little bit (maybe a minute or two) before putting down your pencil color. As the solution is soaking into the paper, there is about a 4 - 5 minute window where the colors will blend nicely all by themselves. After that, the blending doesn't work quite as well. I routinely work with several different colors at a time. You only really need to let the print dry for a little while before you can clean up the edges. I again use Marshall's Marlene solution and it easily takes off the excess P.M. Solution. After that, the print is essentially done.

Because of the short working time of the solution, you should only apply the P. M. Solution to a small portion of the print at a time - probably an area about 2" - 3" square at the most is what I work with. Otherwise, you'll just be re-coating the print again with more solution.

For what it's worth - I don't like working with Marshall's Oils at all. I don't like the look of the colors (to thin and transparent) and they take a long time to dry. I find that the Prisma Color pencils are very easy to work with.