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Ilford XP2 and Kodak BW400CN are great. Basically you've got a very fine grain ISO 400 film, which can handle being shot at ISO 800 too. Processes as normal C41, so you can just take it down the local lab/drug store etc.

They are very similar films, smooth gradations, and give very nice results in my opinion.
The Ilford XP2 and Kodak BW400CN films are also less in need of using the B&W contrast filters

to expand film contrast. The Ilford XP2 seems to be better for landscapes and Kodak's BW 400CN,

seems to be better for Portraits, due to it's lower apparent grain, than Ilford's XP2.

If you can use filters, ( I recommend Kodak's #'s 8, 11 & 25A ), then try Ilford's

Delta 100 & Delta 400 ISO films.

Rate all the B&W films 1 stop over. This will align the Zone V exposure value of the scene,

with the exposure latitude of the film. Then if you don't have a built-in meter, compensate

using the filter exposure values, ( 1 stop, 1.5 stops & 3 stops, respectably ).